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Restoration and technological enhancement

Vitali & Caucia has been present for over 100 years and, during this time frame, we have dealt with the creation of various production lines. the passage of time and technological progress have physiologically brought the machinery into conditions of obsolescence.
In this regard, a very important mission for us is to take care of and take charge of these systems, which are still able to accompany companies in production but need restoration and technological updates.
This is why it is very important for Vitali & Caucia to take charge of old machinery and give it new life.

Lab test

Analyzing the needs of our customers, we realized the need to offer a service that would allow them to test our machinery in a preliminary stage of production. In this regard, we provide the possibility of managing and testing the treatment of small quantities of raw material at our headquarters, to make the final result more immediate and clear, giving customers the possibility to evaluate and test the various formulations without necessarily having to consider motorcycle larger and more complex machinery.

Prevention and maintenance

Prevention and maintenance are a fundamental pillar for our company; checks, structural surveys and technical controls are the basis for correct and long-lasting operation of the machinery.
To do this, we make use of the most advanced detection techniques, carried out by a team of certified and specialized technicians.

  • Ultrasound check
  • Check flexibility of materials
  • Mechanical tests, destructive or not

Considering the great heterogeneity of our clientele, our modus operandi is tailor made.
From our point of view it is very important to plan targeted interventions by identifying the frequency on the real needs, estimated mainly on the production volumes of our customers.
Optimization and prevention make it possible to avoid unnecessary stoppages of the production lines.

Production flow

By downloading the PDF it will be possible to clearly see what our presses and the accessories we offer are and where they fit into the production line.