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Heating boiler

Caldaia per riscaldamento
  • Water up to 95°C
  • Pressurized water up to 180°C
  • Heating from 12 to 72kW
  • Oil up to 320°C
  • Heating from 12kW to 54kW
  • Peripheral pumps, centrifugal or magnetic drive, joint base
  • Nickel-plated finned coil, shell and tube, brazed plate, inspectable plate heat exchangers
Modular systems for high performance applications, maximum continuous working temperature up to 180°C with water and 320°C with oil.
Available in various configurations and options.
Version up to 300kW of heating.
Special execution with two/three separate thermoregulation zones.


  • Modularity and great power, even in oversized versions with heating that can be choked in various steps, available up to 300kW.
  • Maximum level of customization, version with PLC, IP65 panel, special power supply voltage.
  • Monobloc pumps for high temperatures, distribution of the process fluid on several delivery and return lines.
  • Slave pump with automatic or manual start.
  • Cooled expansion tank for oil models at 300°C Version with PLC and 7” touch control panel, with ethernet connection.
  • Serial communications 485 modbus RTU, Profibus, Profinet, etc.